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Here are three good reasons to switch to cheap electricity from NettoPower



The best prices

'Always Cheap Power' is the name of our electricity product. Both TV2 Finance and the independent research company Damvad have rated us as the best value electricity provider in Denmark.


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On the customers side

We want to change the industry by putting the customer at the heart of our business. The electricity market can be hard to understand, so at NettoPower we're working to make energy simple.



NettoPowers electricity prices

Here are NettoPower's electricity prices including VAT for 2015 to 2017. Prices are different for east (øst) and west (vest) of the Storebælt.



Remember: The kWh unit price we quote includes all charges and taxes. So when you compare with others company prices please remember that they may add payment fees, subscription fees and VAT on top of the price per kWh they quote. The price chart above shows month by month our electricity prices per kWh. You can also compare our monthly prices to the market average. The figures for the market average are sourced from the Energy Regulatory Authorities Energitilsynets elprisstatistik. The market average figures from the Authority will be published every three months in arrears when we receive the price data from them.


What our customers say about us

Here's what our customers think about our low electricity prices and five-star customer service


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We're working hard to make energy simple. Watch our video to find out why you should choose NettoPower for great value electricity

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